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Dear Visitor,
Thank you for visiting This site has been created to connect IT job seekers with the open positions in their area. Read below to learn more.

About Us:
HREmail, or Human Resources EMail, acts like an extension to HR departments at our clients. We learn about their job requirements and inform them to the right candidates through this website. We are extremely sensitive to maintaining your privacy and making your job search efficient.

PRIVACY: does not sell your contact information to anyone including our business partners. Since we collect only your First Name and your Secondary Email address, your privacy is assured. There is no identity theft risk since we do not maintain any confidential information.

Our concept is simple. As a Job Seeker, you register at with your First Name and Email address and tell us about your skills. We use that information to match you with open roles at the Job Providers (Companies and Corporations). We then email you directly with the information for you to contact the company. We DO NOT give your Email address to them and you choose the opportunities that you want to pursue. Nobody besides yourself needs to know that you are looking for a job and you control the contact information for the pursuit. It's that Simple..!


Sam Dhanasekaran